Homicide Investigators of Texas, Inc. 
"In God we trust, all others are suspect!"
The Homicide Investigators of Texas is an organization composed of City, County, State and Federal Police Officers, as well as Forensic professionals and Prosecutors in and around the State of Texas actively involved in Homicide investigations. This association of professionals has been organized to work collectedly to bring murderers to Justice, as well as provide continuing education to those involved in the investigation and prosecution of the most severe crime against Humanity, that being the murder of another person. 
Homicide Investigators of Texas Annual Conference

It is with great regret that I have to inform everyone that we will have to cancel 
this year's HIT Conference in San Antonio, TX. It was the board's full commitment 
to have the conference as planned, but with the recent proclamation of the San Antonio
mayor limiting gatherings to 50 or less it's no longer feasible to hold the conference. 
While our attendance was for the most part holding strong we did start having agencies
placing travel restrictions to protect from the COVID-19, which also included some of our
scheduled speakers. The HIT board had a conference call today and agreed that it was in
the best interest of our organization and members that we cancel the 2020 Conference. 
At this point it would seem unlikely that we would be able to schedule any alternative
dates. Please mark your calendar for next year's 2021 HIT Conference that will be held
March 27 - April 1, 2021 at the Drury in San Antonio. Please bear with us as the Secretary
will be issuing refund checks back to your respective agencies or payer's, and in the
meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or 
any of the executive board members.

Thanks for your continued support of HIT. God Bless! Troy Fuller - HIT President

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Pay Pal charges us a fee to transfer monies from their account to our bank account. If you should need a refund after submitting to Pal Pal, you will get your refund, minus a $10.00 dollar cancelation fee. 
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